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LIPOSUCTION Post-op Recovery Therapy

LIPOSUCTION Post-op Recovery Therapy

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after LIPOSUCTION Care Specialist 
Julian's Bodywork

[High-frequency, ultra-sound therapy included]


I am a professional Weight loss specialist of after-suction care with 20 years experience.

There are 3 important things you must know if you have done Liposuction.

you should receive body therapy 3 days after surgery.
This is because after three weeks, cellulite and fat lumps harden in the body.
(A bumpy Belly Fat)

patients with liposuction should use high-frequency and ultrasound equipment therapy.
Pain, numbness, nervous tissue, cellulite, fat masses, etc. must be dissolved and discharged from the body.

this is the most important.
Lymphatic massage must open the lymph node (Body Drain line) and perform lymphatic massage.
This is because toxins or waste products are not discharged from the body if the lymph node is not opened and only a force massage is received.

[The plastic surgeon asks you to get a lymphatic massage for circulation, and asks you to put on a body protector.
If you wear a body protector, blood circulation will not be possible, and cellulite or lumps of fat will settle and harde

A side effect of liposuction is a symptom of a bumpy or dent in the skin.

Of course, what a liposuction is like, if a liposuction is seriously sagging

Symptoms include adhesions, fibrosis, and balance breakdown.

However, it is rare that only one of these occurs.

All symptoms appear in combination and accordingly

If an error occurs, a serious problem occurs.

After liposuction, of course, the skin may sag.
You have to proceed.
Adhesion and fibrosis are not uniform inhalation, and

This is a problem that occurs when skin cells are severely damaged.
Changes in body shape, not just focusing on subtracting

And it's time to focus on noticeable line changes.
Skin numbness can also be accompanied by serious side effects such as nerve damage, but the problem is that there are not many hospitals that explain this before surgery.

The first and most important point after abdominal liposuction is that pressure should not be applied to a specific area from the outside. The point is that you should not wear underwear or panties with strong elastic bands that cause long adhesions to the lower abdomen, or pants that tighten the waistband for at least two months.

Secondly, after arm liposuction, the area you need to pay attention to is the inside of your arm. In the case of the inside of the arm, there are many cases where it is uneven if it is wrong. Therefore, for about a month, applying a hot pack for 10 minutes a day to warm it up, then applying oil and massaging it will help to create a beautiful line later. Therefore, in the case of the inside of the arm than any other part, you should pay more attention to personal massage.

Third, do not irritate the inside of the thigh after inhaling thigh liposuction. Wearing girdles that extend to the top of the thigh or stockings that extend to the middle of the thigh must be prohibited. In addition, you should wear pressure clothes with caution, as it may cause symptoms such as folds of the skin inside the thigh while wearing pressure clothes.

**[After the surgery, the body recovers in 3 weeks, so cellulite fat and swelling are settled.

If you wear a body protector, you should never use it because it causes blood circulation disorders, as well as cerulite, fat mass, and biobond (a symptom of hardening of the skin) that will cause the body line to break]

Fourth, it is the importance of maintaining posture after abdominal liposuction. If you sit in front of a computer for a long time in a sloppy posture, you can get a horizontal wrinkle in your abdomen. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a sitting posture with your back upright.

Fifth, after liposuction, constant exercise and diet are essential. When the weight is increased again after liposuction, the visceral fat increases, and the fat attaches to the area that has not been operated on. In addition, there is a phenomenon in which fat sticks to the area where liposuction was performed. Therefore, diet after liposuction is essential.


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