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Liposuction Post-op Recovery Care

Liposuction Post-op recovery lymphatic drainage massage (2x faster) ($150×6 Times)⊂ L.B.PAIN ther..

  • 50 min
  • 900 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

The truth a plastic surgery doctor never tells you-a plastic surgery doctor recommends you get a lymphatic massage. But what you really need is not a lymphatic massage. 1. Recovery reaction occurs in the body in 3 weeks. You should take care of your body right after 3 days after surgery. After 3 weeks, the belly fat circulates poorly due to the body protector, and it hardens as it is, and the cellulite becomes uneven. 2. The plastic surgeon tells you to get a lymphatic massage for circulation. It is also recommended to wear a body protector for 3 to 6 months. This is a word that cannot be understood outside of common sense. If you put on a body protector, your body will not be able to excrete cellulite and fat lumps and will only regenerate it. So later, the belly fat becomes uneven like a bark, and biobonds are generated and become hard. 3. Since Lipo Suction only removes fat, cellulite remains the same. This cellulite is never excreted by lymph massage. It must be melted and discharged by ultrasound and high-frequency therapy. A plastic surgery doctor is not a medical doctor. 1. Use of high-frequency equipment-pain relief, cellulite melt, skin elasticity reinforcement, muscle relaxation, blood circulation service 2. Use of ultrasonic equipment-decomposition of lumped fat, cleans blood vessels, lymph, body detox, collagen formation 3. Opens the largest lymph node in the entire body from which toxins and waste products are discharged. 4. Lymphatic drainage massage throughout the body and loosening the tight calf muscles to help blood circulation in the veins (The most important point of blood circulation is venous circulation. If there is no circulation, the hands and feet become numb or cold)

Contact Details

  • 213-761-0777

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