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1) Ultrasound therapy 2) High frequency therapy 3) Lymphatic drainage massage A side effect of liposuction is a symptom of a bumpy or dent in the skin. Of course, what a liposuction is like, if a liposuction is seriously sagging Symptoms include adhesions, fibrosis, and balance breakdown. However, it is rare that only one of these occurs. All symptoms appear in combination and accordingly If an error occurs, a serious problem occurs. After liposuction, of course, the skin may sag. You have to proceed. Adhesion and fibrosis are not uniform inhalation, and This is a problem that occurs when skin cells are severely damaged. Changes in body shape, not just focusing on subtracting And it's time to focus on noticeable line changes. Skin numbness can also be accompanied by serious side effects such as nerve damage, but the problem is that there are not many hospitals that explain this before surgery. Why the skin becomes bumpy As the suction pipe that sucks fat is thick, the incision line is large, and because it rotates, a large amount of two-method lipolytic agent enters to secure enough space, and as much as it vibrates, the fascia layer and blood vessels are damaged, causing bleeding and fluid. The large amount of leakage can lead to serious side effects such as biobonds. The problem is that if the stiff biobond phenomenon is prolonged, skin sagging occurs as the skin contraction power decreases, and due to the characteristic of mechanical liposuction, which is difficult to control the amount of inhalation, the overinhaled area increases the probability of side effects such as crying skin It is.

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